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Albright IP are a professional firm of British and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys. Our UK attorney and European attorney teams have many years of experience in invention and brand protection, and work for clients in the UK and around the world.

We are here to help you protect your creative vision, innovation and investment. If you use our services, you will obtain practical, potent and cost-effective IP (intellectual property) protection both nationally and globally. We are trusted advisors, friends to many, respected and knowledgeable in our field.

We advise on all aspects of IP protection and enforcement, including Patents, Designs, Copyright and Trade Marks. This could range from simple advice about keeping appropriate records for the purposes of Copyright and Design Right to full representation in drafting, filing and prosecuting Patent, Design and Trade Mark Applications around the world.

Albright IP is regulated by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board and the Ombudsman for Legal Services.

Marc is a patent attorney and director at Albright IP. He has been writing and prosecuting patents since 2014 to protect inventions and products against copying, both in the UK and abroad. He also handles design and copyright matters. If you’re looking to protect a new idea/product or need some other advice on intellectual property (or if you want to chat about Formula 1), then do get in touch and he will be happy to give you some initial input.

Janet Messenger is the Marketing Manager at specialist IP law firm, Albright IP. Janet is in charge of all aspects of marketing including supporting business development, managing events, and leading the firm’s marketing and communications.

Her role handling online marketing and PR, and making sure people understand the importance and benefits of intellectual property.

Janet’s work supports the growth of the business and provides clear guidance to clients about their intellectual property needs. Her dedication and expertise make her a key member of the Albright IP team.

Janet Messenger

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