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We are Rachel and Andy of Apricity Property. We are a married couple living in Cirencester raising our two young boys and growing our businesses. 

Apricity Property has two sections – a hospitality side run by Rachel, where we manage landlords properties in the Airbnb/short term rental market to maximise profits (often over 3x profit than a standard let) for them and keep their properties in excellent condition. We have been operating since 2021 with a number of properties in Cirencester town centre and the outskirts. Ranging from 2 night holiday stays right up to year long stays housing people who are working in the area, we love to provide people with beautiful well equipped homes whether it is for relaxation or work.

We would love to work with other small local businesses to provide extra add-ons to our guests to enhance their experience in the Cotswolds.

The other half of Apricity (run by Andy) deals with the purchasing of properties, using investment funds to buy and renovate properties and offering the investor better rates in return than they can get with the banks. We can also use creative strategies to help homeowners with unusual sales creating win win situations for both parties.


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