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Bay Gallery Home has represented artists from communities of the Northern Territory, Australia since 2008. We are the only dedicated Aboriginal gallery in the UK, and are proud to present this compelling and sophisticated body of work.

Bay Gallery Home is also behind a pioneering Interiors collection My Country, producing tiles, wallpapers, rugs and fabrics from original artworks, in collaboration with British manufacturers. 

Our interiors collection is inspired by gallery space interactions, by observing what our clients are drawn to and why. It is informed by the very personal responses to something often never before seen, an art that is deeply attractive, compelling and emotive.

The Australian Aboriginal visual language is a repository of stories passed down through generations to guide and encourage its communities as they engage with life’s journey. The artists we work with are remunerated for the original purchase of artwork, and receive a percentage of interiors sales. This additional source of income has direct bearing on the mobility, educational and work opportunities of often marginalised communities.

By investing in the cultural and financial lives of its artists, Bay Gallery Home provides the opportunity to share in its artists’ worldview whilst affirming it.

“Whenever people visit the gallery they are delighted because there is the unexpected surprise of vibrant colour and abstract art based on ancient tribal Dreamings.

Having lived with Aboriginal paintings for the last 11 years there’s no doubt the bright colours bring joy and a sense of peace to your home.

People are very moved by the spiritual nature of the paintings; equally they are blown away by the quality and skill the artists have intrinsically obtained.”

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