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Camilla Collins

Camilla empowers high performers to achieve peak self-confidence, wellbeing, and business success through strategic lifestyle coaching so they don’t just smash it in business, but smash it in life too!

As a confidence and lifestyle coach, author, and agency CEO, she brings a unique approach and her methods are designed to seamlessly integrate improvements into her client’s busy schedules through her 5 I methodology:

1. Intervention: Re-programming their lifestyle, regularly checking where they are at, and holding them personally accountable to their goals
2. Intention: Eating right, sleeping well, and staying healthy for peak performance and good decision making
3. Interruption: Stopping negative thought patterns, challenging limiting habits, and breaking through to success
4. Identification: Knowing  themselves well, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and working with (or around) them
5. Influence: Cultivating a supportive environment (people, places, and things) to stay inspired and motivated

Camilla has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Metro, and Health and Wellbeing magazine and as well as working 1:1 with individuals she also regularly provides talks and workshops for corporations such as The Royal College of Surgeons, the NHS, and UniDays.

From self-confidence, mindset, and visibility coaching to health, wellbeing, and complete lifestyle reprogramming; Camilla creates bespoke coaching programs which allow her clients to transform into their most confident version of themselves resulting in greater levels of life fulfilment and career success.


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