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Meet Gill, a catalyst for change who set out on a soul-searching quest to rediscover her true purpose. Through significant experiences and brave actions, she uncovered her laser-focused talent for helping others unlock their full potential in their relationships, profoundly impacting her clients’ purpose, prosperity and ability to attract the life and soul-aligned choices they want. Accession is made simple; it feels like an internal empowerment evolution.

From leaving the corporate world behind to embodying the presence of a Starbeing in 2014, Gill’s path has been marked by profound shifts that have enabled her to speak her truth regardless of obstacles.
Gills’ awakening moment was witnessing a vast matrix of light and with a ‘knowing’ that a life force-energy and intelligence are supporting us, and it’s time to pay attention. This has since propelled her into a vast spiritual mission.

Trained in trauma release and new exceptional protocols, Gill facilitates deep emotional shifts and empowers individuals to embrace their super senses. Her approach transcends traditional coaching by focusing on holistic growth and multidimensional problem-solving through the subconscious and superconscious in a meditative state.

Diagnosed with ADHD and an exciting form of audio Dyspraxia, Gill discovered her unique perspective as a gateway to higher dimensions. Her struggles transformed into strengths as she delved into energy management and mindset techniques, destined to aid both the high-functioning and those seeking transformation.

Gill’s journey from corporate success to activator of energetic gifts and mastery is through her commitment to personal evolution. She channels higher self-knowledge and intuitive gifts to support clients in navigating their own paths to fulfilment.

With a unique ability to spot underlying patterns and shadows, Gill helps clients break free from limiting beliefs and embrace their authenticity. Her best clients are those who are open to all aspects of themselves, are changemakers and want to invest in the unknown to make it known for themselves and the greatest good of all.

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