Member of – Cirencester

John Lewis of JL Mindset Performance is a passionate accredited coach, working with individuals, teams and businesses, helping them to overcome the obstacles that can be stopping them from reaching their potential or performing at their highest level.

As an accredited NLP Master practitioner, he has a range of tools available to help people think, feel and behave in a way that can help facilitate their desired outcomes.

John works one on one in a private and confidential setting, be it face to face or on computer, supporting with mental health and wellbeing also.

Group coaching is a specialism also and he has worked with Team GB performing arts, Specsavers, Utility warehouse to name a few, helping with team and personal development.

In addition, JL Mindset Performance provides certified Mental Health First Aid and awareness courses, which can be delivered in person or fully online, either one to one or as a business or team.