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Hi, I am Livia but you can call me Liv! I am the one behind LivPix Photography & Creations and I am here to offer my photography and creative services.

On the photography side I offer photographic coverage to weddings, events, parties and do more intimate sessions for couples and families throughout all stages of their lives.

I also work with professionals and small businesses to create images that represent who they are and what products and services they have to offer. Beyond doing the job I share my knowledge and I will teach my clients how to take better photos and videos with their camera phone, so they can use it on their websites and social media.  Learning about my client and the story they want to tell is essential and that helps me to offer a more personalized experience.

 I believe that every detail added up has the power to reconstruct an entire day of someone’s life and that is the reason why I am always looking for different perspectives, angles and best lights in all my shots. Yes, you may find me lying on the floor and  looking for the highest spot in the room (no, I don’t have a drone unfortunately).

My Creations side is pretty varied. From my own authorial illustrative and photographic work and combining both to create unique pictures, to being a videographer,  creating videos and developing animations and graphics to elevate them. I am always willing to learn and create something unique amongst other like minded people and professionals.

So whether you are looking for a photographer to register an event, a moment in your life or you want to get creative and create a video to represent you or your brand, please get in touch, I would love to tell your story.

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