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I appreciate I am a very lucky guy – I have been able to combine what I am passionate about and the work I do. I support senior leaders and team’s to discover who they are and how they show up in the world of work. This knowledge often unlocks their full potential, creates a higher level of personal alignment which is linked to personal happiness.

I started my career in the family business before making the move into the FMCG sector. Whilst I may not have appreciated it at the time the large UK grocers certainly helped accelerate my transition from academic knowledge into the real world of work. In 1998 I moved into what was then the emerging world of mobile communications – joining Vodafone. 15 years later my commercial career had taken me all over the world and exposure to some key leadership insights and learnings which I use today.

Metisblue was founded in 2013; the ambition was to create a company that worked with leaders and teams to help them realise their full potential.

Metisblue aspires to provide tangible support that creates the space to reflect, learn and apply that knowledge.

Our focus is on being a pleasure to work with, a partner who creates value, and does what they say.

Business life is complex enough so we pride ourselves on strong delivery, alignment and wowing clients. In the knowledge that if we do this then everything else will take care of itself.

Laurent Bouvier

Archie Mobile:07887 746644



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