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“You can make more money, but you can’t make more time.”

At Proposito, we have been providing financial planning services to clients in the Cotswolds and beyond since 1998. Our name has its roots in latin and means: intention, aim, or purpose. We believe this reflects the services we provide to our clients: financial planning with their goals and objectives in mind.

Our focus is primarily on helping our clients understand what the essential elements of a fulfilled life are for them. This helps them create a priority order so they can focus their time and energy on doing first things first. Once they understand where they are heading, we’ll know how to structure their finances to get the right money coming on stream at the right time, for everything they want to get done in the time they’ve got left. People before money – always.

We have a team approach to everything we do, and our friendly team of 5 comprises of Jade (Financial Planner), Huw Jones (Director and Chartered Financial Planner), Sarah Egan (Paraplanner), Anne Manning (Administrator) and Jake Hooper (Administrator).

Jade Shelton DipPFS 

Phone:01285 708444


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