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Do you want a social media account that you are proud of? That reflects your business and all the good work you do? Do you want social media accounts that help your ideal customers get to know you and your business so they want to work with you?!

We will help you to connect and build relationships with your dream clients and help you to put the social, back in to your social media.

We focus on so much more than just taking away the hassle and stress of posting. We create results driven strategies, putting meaning and purpose behind every post, so you know why you are on social media, what you get from it and can get back to enjoying being part of your online community with your customers.

We know that businesses evolve and change overtime so we make sure our services do to.

 We can do it with you through audits, training and consultation, do it for you in its entirety through social media management packages, or become part of your wider marketing team and do it alongside you through strategy setting and mentoring.

Whatever stage your business is at, and whatever support you need with your social media, we will take away the overwhelm and stress, saving you time and wasted resource. Let’s get started!

Social Butterfly Digital was founded in 2019 by Tracy Marland. Much like her business namesake Tracy loves meeting new businesses online and offline and has worked within Swindon and the South West marketplace, developing marketing strategies & campaigns for independent and national brands for 20 years. Alongside Tracy 2 content writers make up the Social Butterfly Digital team and support clients with ongoing social media management and training services.


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