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Amidst a global pandemic in May 2020, I had a discussion with my Mum about how nice it would be to make gin at home for myself. With the opportunity to utilise all I’d learned in my years as a chemistry teacher, as well as all I’d picked up from many wonderful distillery experiences and a deep affection and appreciation for high-quality gin.

I applied for and obtained the required licences, purchased my beautiful first 2.5L Copper Column still and did a lot of reading to prepare myself.

Along the way I contemplated what my brand might look like, should I aim to enter the thriving gin market. I considered what flavours I’d incorporate and like my gins to capture, what styles I would attempt, and what images my brand might evoke in applying these.

I began to develop flavour profiles that centred around a key theme, Horse Racing. Drawing on Horse racing’s most historic winners and prestigious races to produce gins that encapsulate the heart and spirit of the sport. Due to my location and affinity for the area, alongside Cheltenham’s rich history as one of the sports most renowned venues, this felt like the ideal brand to launch; I believe that if done right, these gins will flourish, both locally and nationally, with race-goers and gin lovers alike.

After a lot of hard work. sleepless nights, vast amounts of trial and error and the purchase of our second still Aurora, a 20L Copper Column Alembic still, Aurora, Steeplechase Distillery was under starters orders and raring to go.

Distilled furlongs from the Home of Jump Racing, our aim is to produce a range of Spirits in Cheltenham that are synonymous with the town in which they were brought to life. Located in Montpellier in the heart of this beautiful Regency town, our multi-award winning Distillery and our gins are something for Cheltenham to be proud of, paying homage to the history and heritage of Horse Racing. Equally, we are proud of our small scale nature. We use the highest quality neutral grain spirit, hand select the very best botanicals, and utilise traditional methods to produce a range of gins that have uncompromising quality and taste.

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