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Rosanagh is the go-to agent for unique and beautiful homes in Cheltenham and North Cotswolds. Rosanagh’s clients, family and friends describe her as ‘inspiring, calm, loyal and good to be around.’ These qualities were put to good use over the last ten years when she helped to build a bespoke estate agency in Worcestershire.

In 2023, she set up Stowhill Estates Cheltenham and North Cotswolds ably assisted by Emily Francis. Her husband, Dominic, has now joined the team too. As well as providing a world-class service, Rosanagh understands the needs and desires of sellers and buyers, and truly knows how to make the best of a house to maximise its saleability. She understands that selling your home is a ‘big deal’ and she never forgets that it can be emotional, tricky and occasionally, a relief!

Rosanagh’s background in nursing with the NHS made her an excellent listener, and bringing up her five children has helped her develop into an excellent negotiator! When she’s not busy selling houses, Rosanagh loves spending time with her family, seeing friends, shopping, walking and generally making the most of life. Good food and wine are quite high up her list too!


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