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The Podcast Den

The Podcast Den is run by Cheryl Phillips, an experienced audio producer based in Malmesbury. Her experience and knowledge means she can ensure that any audio production you need sounds as vibrant, professional and ear-catching as possible.

Producing podcasts, documentaries, audiobooks, audio tours for websites, and any other sound content you can possibly think of, The Podcast Den can help with all aspects of production, as well as consultancy, voice coaching, and training. Your project can be as big or as small as you wish – it could be a one-off production, or a limited or ongoing series.

Audio consumption is booming, so please get in touch to find out how The Podcast Den can help you get your voice out there too. And don’t forget, all work can be carried out remotely too, so if you have people in far-flung corners of the Cotswolds or the planet, that isn’t a problem either.

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