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Before 2021 I had never heard of Staging and now I am hooked. Keen to start my own business for many years I have now found something that I am passionate about and believe in. The statistics for home staging your property is a no brainer to me. Why leave money on the table? Many, many countries have staging as standard when selling property and its quick becoming the new marketing tool in the UK for everyone, not just the wealthy.

My passion at school was art, fabrics, and design. Back in the 1970’s in Scottish school’s girls weren’t allowed to try woodwork and metal work as it was then. My dream of becoming an architect or interior designer were dashed at the age of 14 years old. The academic path I then had to follow at school never held any interest for me.  I didn’t therefore achieve the great results my parents had expected.  That feeling of disappointment in myself and to others ignited a desire to succeed in life from then on. 

That feeling of disappointment in myself and to others ignited a desire to succeed in life from then on.  Fear of letting myself down again has pushed me to grow and aspire to take on new challenges. In sport and fitness, I have dedicated myself to the self-discipline of health and wellness to be the best I can be.

My career history is varied, and I have learned so much from every role and every company I have worked for. I even ran my own Personal Training Business in my 30’s for several years before the corporate world lured me back. Finding myself as a single mother when my son was 2 years old, I continued to work often having more than 1 job to survive. I have proved to myself over and over that if you work hard for your dreams, you will achieve them. I was once part of a motivational training day where the coach delivered a whole session on ‘where’s you’re ceiling.’ This is now my mantra to my adult son. I am now combing all my life experiences and love of working with people alongside my inner passion for style and design. Adding this to my business acumen of over 20 years I can’t wait to work with you. My mission is to deliver a reliable, honest and wholly human experience assisting others to achieve their property sales goal.

Phone: 03301 335050

E-Mail: virginia@wowstagerz.com

Website: Not Launched Yet

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