What does Father’s Day mean to you? 


I very much see myself as family man.

I relish the prospect of my annual Daddy-Daughter Day (coming up in June – this year’s location TBD), and will happily stand in goal for hours on end, whilst having my son endlessly kick footballs at me. I love it. It reminds me of all of the hours spent playing in the cricket nets with my own father when I was growing up. Of course, at the time I never gave it a second thought; in my eyes, my Dad had absolutely nothing better to do than play cricket with me. I consider myself lucky, of course I do – not all Fathers or children have it the same way – but it very likely instilled in me my ability to stand in goal for such lengths!

So, when Father’s Day and June appear, it comes with a tinge of sadness, regret and guilt. In November ‘20, I launched my business, Truffle & Thyme – a gifting and grazing catering company. In and amongst the various Lockdowns, I was dashing around the country delivering hampers and grazing boxes to my new customers, and the various gifting days soon became an important part of my diary – Father’s Day included. These days it means a complete change to the normal dynamic of that particular day, where I would normally have spent the day with my wife and children. Instead, the weekend is now spent packing hampers and grazing boxes, delivering to fellow Dads. I love my business, but it does leave me feeling guilty that I’m not there.

Where does my own Father fit within all of this? Well, as a New Zealander living in Taupo NZ, and at the great old age of 99, he sadly succumbed to Motor Neurones disease in November ‘21. New Zealand’s international borders were still shut, which meant I couldn’t fly out to say goodbye. In fact, I still haven’t managed to get there. Easter ‘24 is booked – a mass-family gathering in NZ is in the pipeline. However, it won’t stop me from feeling that regret come Father’s Day later this month. I know he would’ve been proud, though, so I’ll hold onto that thought on the 18th of June.



Dave Nelson

Founder, Truffle & Thyme

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